Hello and welcome to our online store! I am Arlene, founder of Yeah-Shop. I work as a software tester in an IT company. What I do most every day is to run a software product to be released soon and keep clicking here and there to see if all features work well, and I love my job.

However, at home, I want to do something different and interesting to relax myself away from the pressures of work. So, I CROCHET! I have been crocheting since I was a little girl and have filled my room with my crochet items of all shapes and sizes. Sometimes I gift my items to my friends. To my delight, they all enjoy and love the tiny gifts.

I meet girls who have the same hobby as me and become friends. We believe that all girls love these cute crochet items, so we decide to sell them, turning our hobby into extra money and stop clutter our rooms with more and more items. After weeks of preparation, Yeah-Shop is now online!

Our Team

Arlene: Founder, crochets the puppies.
Beverley: Co-founder, crochets the dolls.
Sally: Co-founder, crochets the monkeys.
Terry: Co-founder, maintains the website.


If an item you like isn't available in the color you want, send us an email and we can make one for you and add it to our shop.